It’s true, You don’t always get what you want.

A student won’t always reach his/her aim of marks.

A business man won’t always reach his target.

A talented person won’t always be known to the world.

Two lovers won’t always end up together.

Two people missing each other silently, wishing if they knew.

You can’t ask for a perfect life, perfect days and get it the next day.

If you really want or need that thing, work your lil ass for it or accept the fact that you aint getting it easily and move on.

Fly higher , disregarding the number of times you have to mend your wings. (Skits)

Want to show off your talent? Go post videos, pictures, tell people about it and go where there is a scope for it.

If you love someone, get up, go to them, propose and do all the shit that’s gonna cost to just be with them. Go accept the fact that you miss your ex and tell them how much do you miss all the things and them.

You have one life to live, learn to take a risk which is on your way of your wish. What’s the worst that could happen? You’ll fail? People will criticize you? Your lover won’t accept you?


World is anyway not a wish granting factory. (John Green)

At least try once, if still nothing is working , accept the fact that it’s not meant for you. Stop moping around cause it’s of no use. What’s better? To get up, find a way to move on from that fall, and start pursuing a new dream. That’s how my friend, you become something.

Doesn’t matter how far you flew, what matters is how many times you broke your wings and still got up trying to fly again.



  1. Skits · March 26, 2015


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  2. fluffy · January 6, 2017

    Amazing hope people understand this!!💯👌

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