probably not

She liked Books He liked speed She was quite wild He spoke less yeah as cliché as it sounds it is.

It was one fine day when both lost in their thoughts sat by the river side staring at the water. Both unknown to each other, until they caught each other’s eyes.

He knew he was screwed by heart when he saw this girl with brown hair cascading all the way down her back, her black rimmed glasses hid her eyes and then her small smile.

She was stunned, he looked like every other guy she met, but it was his eyes which had something special stopping her from looking away.

Yeah they did make a conversation, shared stuff, names, long enough that they didnt realise sun had already set and it was the stars watching over them now. He asked her for dinner, thought his charm worked, but na her trust issues always stopped her. Finally after exchanging contacts, they separated their ways.

Goodnight x ” she sent and fell into a deep slumber.

Days passed, their texts never stopped. They never slept without knowing about each other’s day , but no one brought up anything about meeting up again.

Riverside at 6?” He sent, and thought if it was a right thing to ask, what if she thought he was a creep?

She couldnt stop smiling at this.

Of Course, will be there.” Reading her reply, he couldnt help but do a fistpump in the air.

Their texts turned into meetings, meetings into late night sneak outs, after work coffees, all night calls, they looked into each other’s eyes a lil longer to be just friends.  It was obvious they had sparks and butterflies between them. Someone had to make a move, and of course, its always the guy.

They came a long way, with their fights, arguements, but loved each other at the end of day. Until he got a letter of promotion to another state. She couldnt stop him and be an obstacle between his dreams, he didnt wanna leave her, nor could she go with  him. On the Last day at the riverside, their meeting spot, they hugged until they broke down. He couldnt say goodbye and her voice was all caught up, she was trying hard to stop the tears from falling. They separated their ways again.

Why not long distance? He had a dream to pursue and she had a life to move on with.

Now, they are just 2 strangers with memories. With an incomplete heart, happiness was something both forgot about.

They were living their own lives but before going to bed, they couldnt help but think,

“does she even remember me.” 

“Does he think about me, despite being around so many girls.”

And fall asleep while muttering,

“Probably not”