Happiness? Illusion.

It was perfect. What they had, didn’t have a name but it was perfect. 

They had been best friends for a really long time, longer than their romance. He knew everything about her life and she knew him in and out. They argued and fought but in the end he would pull her close and a kiss would make it all okay. 
They were happy. Happiness came within themselves. Both of them liked each other the way they were. Never wished to change anything except for some habits. 

Her habit of overthinking and his habit of not caring enough. Her habit of giving a 101% and his habit of staying busy all the time. Her habit of waiting and his habit of forgetting. Her habit of constantly complaining about something which was too dangerous for him and his habit of… smoking. 
It was something she loathed. He promised that he would quit smoking just to see her smile. It was hard for him to quit and hard for her to see him hurting himself internally with the side effects. There were days when she would ask him to choose between her and the cancer sticks. He would just distract her with his sweet words as he knew what affect he had on her. 

She was tired of all this. She finally understood that half of his promises were false and many of her talks didnt matter enough. Yet, she was there because “why not?”

Days passed on and nothing changed. She blabbered and he slept on it. Totally ignoring her, at times. 
Today was her birthday. She never really awaits for it but it’s he who does. To give her gifts, surprises, to tell her that he had stopped smoking.. A day with tons of colours of joy. She was never this happy. After spending a whole day with him and his surprises, which she adored, she planned to go for dinner with her girlfriends and because the girls insisted, they hit the club.
Dancing, mocktails, friends, it was totally packed. She almost felt like she didn’t belong there, and started wandering around. Thoughts about him crossed her mind but she chose to ignore them for a while. C’mon, won’t it be a little too clingy?
She was worn-out, sitting by the bar, didnt want anything but to go back home and sleep with his arms around her. Which wasn’t exactly possible but the least she could do was call him. She tried calling him many times. Not long until she noticed. The number of times she had been calling a ring could be heard from somewhere around her. She turned around. But then, so did her life. 
A cigarette pressed on his lips and a girl sitting on his lap. The fact that broke her was looking at that girl the same way he looked at her. He caught her staring. Shocked that she was there. Afraid about her reaction. 
“She’s just a friend, babe.” He said while chasing her. 
“I’m just a friend too. Aren’t I? I thought I was the only one but I was wrong. Take care.” 

What hurt her the most was his disloyalty. Leaving him there, stunned and running far away from all of it. Pressing her lips over her first cigarette and starting a new habit. Laughing at herself, ‘Happiness is nothing. But just an illusion like smoke which fades away in no time.’