Winter Nights, Heavy Hearts!


“when a girl/boy with words in her/his hand & ink in her/his heart falls in love, you know you’ll be left for the world to remember”

Winter nights are a charmer of broken souls. fallen dew gracing the silent tree tops & melancholy of skylark gives night a cryptic hue.
She closed her café at midnight as the streets were empty. Putting on her jacket, walking home. What a lovely cold winter night it was, her favorite season but not something to remember either.
Staring at the city landscape from his office, he couldn’t help himself getting distracted by the cold night and the cold memories.

– A year ago –
It was the rush hour at her café. Everyone after work came here to get some bite as it was one of the few cozy places to eat in mid of busy work afternoon. After hearing her call on her counter several times she ran to counter no. 8 where a man suited up was complaining about the cold soup served to him by mistake.

He couldnt help but lay eyes on one of the waitresses explaining to him it was by mistake. “but I wanna meet the owner” He uttered to her. “You are speaking to her sir” she said with a bit of amuse in her eyes.

She apologized and he was awestruck at her humble nature. Never in his business career he ever did/say this, “My mistake actually, Sorry for the mess” and left.

While everything forgotten at her side, and sleeping soundly, at the other end he couldnt sleep that night, his thoughts were all about that owner of the café. He wasn’t that used to girls, he was far from a ladies man. But she was different.

It became a routine from next day, at every lunch break he would go fetch a croissant at that café. She and him had a sudden spark and every other day she would sit with him at night at the café and they would tell each other about their life, Talks started, from the book she likes to read to the music he likes; from the college she attended to the company he owned.

They were getting close to each other day by day.She is thinking about him, a little more than a friend. She used to blush everytime she thought about him.He couldn’t wait to ask her out. He was afraid of the rejection but it was worth the risk. Wasn’t it?

“Dinner at 8′ o clock ” ? His fingers did a little dance before tapping Send on his cellphone screen.After jumping all over the house, she finally sent “YES!!”

Due to their busy work schedules, they couldn’t give each other much time but still they were going strong. Weekends were usually spent at each other’s places with take aways and movies and netflix and chill. But as Taylor Swift says, nothing lasts forever. They started splitting but who was to be blamed? Him or her? Just like their first meet he was at the counter no. 8 with his soup getting cold. She is staring at him, more like waiting for what he has to say. She knows what it is but she wants to hear it from him.

“We have to end it, for once and for all” there, He said it. He couldn’t even look through her eyes. His throat all caught up after what he said.  “We have nothing left between us anyway. But whenever you need someone just remember I am always here” Giving a little squeez to their entwined hands, leaving a kiss on his cheeks, she disappeared behind the kitchen. He left too.

After that day, No one ordered food at mid night. The one who did, stopped dropping by.


Today, exactly a year after that eventful night, The weather is chilly. So are they. Every time someone opened the door of her café, her hope of it being him always lightened. She waits for him to turn up. Every Time he got a call or a message, he hoped it was hers. He waits for her to turn up too.

Winter Solstice was the term Google had used to describe this day, the shortest day and the longest night of the year. The world had not ended that day, and it had only begun.