The Sun & The Moon

They competed. With the world

They made jokes. Of each other

Teased. Laughed. Cried. Together

Late night adventures. Early morning drives.

Mid-noon chilling points. Evening bickers

2 Friends. Inseparable from each other. They never looked back never looked ahead, lived for today. Seized their days with smiles.

Both of them had their problems to solve, but being with each other gave them strength to face it. They listened to each other even in their silence. No one imagined them to stay away from each other. One was moon, other was sun.

“You gotta handle me till you are dead” They said, Always.

Until, when they started chasing dreams, conquering the world, getting out of their small village, living a life. Unknown to the fact that they are drifting apart. No one could stop them from flying abroad and choosing new paths.

They called, texts, Skype. They couldn’t just realize whats happening between them, different time zones tearing them apart, getting lost in their crowds, eventually forgetting their promises to each other while smoking joints on the roof top at 2am.

One day, One was lost, Sitting on a garden bench, a big mess. Didn’t know what to do,had no idea whom to call, no one to help. Missed old friend, during the time when they had nothing, they were everything with each others support.

Confused to contact back or not, will there be a positive reply or a voice mail beep?

After a lot of debates with mind and heart, pressed call.



Lost fellow didn’t know how to speak without falling apart.

“Booking my flight. Don’t do anything stupid till I reach there.”

“Thank you” Uttered with a hard voice.

“Didn’t promise to handle you till I am dead for nothing”

Smiled and finally knew where home was. It was in the unforgotten but long lost friendship.

They hugged, Fixed each other, Talked, Laughed, Smiled on their old memories.

They knew, no matter what happens, nobody could break them apart.