Just The Way You Are

I know its weird for me to ask but do I look okay? Asked He. Fixing his shirt. Kind of amused at his cute sexist behaviour, “Why do you say its weird? And yes you look perfect”

“Its always the girl who gets to ask that and its always the boy who has to maybe lie at times or tell her honestly how mesmerizing her eyes and her hair let down look and how hot she looks in her red dress or sing bruno mars for her ” He said.

Breaking the stereotype, she said:

“Dont ask me,

If the tie suits you more or the bowtie,

A t-shirt or a shirt,

Jeans or chinos,

Dont ask me, Whether you should keep your hair sleeked backwards or style spikes,

If you should keep your hands inside your pocket or fold your arms,

Listen to my thoughts when, The way your eyes wrinkle while laughing,

Or a strand of your hair plays on your forehead,

When you take a nano second to turn my mood 180°,

Or when you share the chocolates and blanket in my moody times,

Maybe no one has told you this Or someone might have,

You cant hide your nervousness, Your hands twitch so you tend to hide them,

Your work mode has no time for leisure And leisure has no time for work,

Your pride in yourself when you get your paycheck,

Your hot look in a 3 piece suit, And your cute look in the morning in sweats and hair messed up,

Also, You hate waiting but you don’t mind tapping your feet an hour for me to get ready,

Your blush when I crack a dirty joke,

Your glow in your eyes when you see me blush,

When you control your anger behind the screen pretending to work, Or when you let it out but without raising your voice,

Or your tears you wipe secretly in the dark,

Your heart beats faster as I come closer And forgets a beat when I kiss.

You are amazing, just the way you are”



Here are some things I hear on a daily basis, But I want to say something on that. Maybe a little opposite. Just personal opinions or mid night thoughts. 

#1. Actions speak louder than words.

Okay maybe. But. Nothing is louder than words. Whether it’d be in any situation to any individual. From a baby’s birth till death. A word surely means more than any action. A lover’s sweet words do have a huge meaning, sometimes actions fall weak in front of words. A father’s assuring words that everything will be okay, means a lot. Even though his pockets are empty and his stomach emptier. An ill person’s will power to be perfectly fine totally reflects on his choice of his words than actions. 

#2. Dont judge from the cover. (Book/Person)

If I see a perfectly fine and healthy nude man/woman walking down the street at 2am, I’ll surely judge him/her. If I see a woman criticising her children infront of others, I’ll surely judge her. A torn and dirty book? Its old and unhygenic. Why pick it up? 

#3. Be Real. 

Not necessarily. Be wise. If I dont like a person in a group of 5, Just to avoid drama, I’ll talk to him/her the same way I talk to latter. I love to be in pyjamas, a bun and a bare face, but I am going to put that 5kg dress and 4kg makeup if required. I dont like some things which others do, and if I am among them, I dont mind pretending to like it and talk about it. Better than being left out. 

#4. You cant get over your first(s)

You can. Even if it was amazing. Try not thinking about it or do it again, more amazingly. 

#5. Happiness is more important than Money

One day, If I am homeless, jobless, broke and starving. Definitely, a degree with no scope isnt going to fetch me anything. Money is important. Happiness can be acheived even after earning enough. EARN ENOUGH TO HAVE LUXURY.

#6. Numerically list down your priorities

Family is definitely the most important priority. But, career, job, lover, friend. All hold the #1 place. The only thing that will change your resposibility towards them is the situation you are in. At some point, friend will be more important than a lover Etc. 

#7. Size doesnt matter

It does. 

Now, many of you might disagree with my words, but as said before, its my own personal opinion which I felt like penning it down. 

Not Always, But Sometimes. 

Its not always the moon light which brings out the deepness of thoughts. 

Its not always the rain which expresses a deep emotion. 

Not always sunset with one loved person,

Not always night drives. 


Its the citylights from a height and cool breeze. 

Sunrise with the whole family.

The not so quiet car ride and curved roads.

Early morning breakfast and a hot cup of tea.
As I sip my cocktail in the morning and read the newsfeed of various sites,

Makes me wonder of 10years from now. 

No, not my past. 

Its not always the past. 

I am talking about my future.
Will I be a fat person diseased with obesity?

Or an overly nutritious person with almost a flat belly?

Will I be still writing down my thoughts?

Or I’ll be too busy to be friends with my pen and book?

Will I still be a short tempered person?

Or would I have learnt the art of keeping my thoughts shut?

Will I be someone who would wait the whole week just for a day off?

Or someone whose life will be too sorted to wait for weekend? 

Will there be someone who’d wait everyday for some quality time with me or someone who is too busy to even remember my birthday? 

Or maybe just single?

Will I be around the little half’s of me and half of the person I love?

Or alone and still doing some reckless deed in my sweats ?

Will I still be breathing or perhaps just in the prayers of people who adored me?
If it’s not always the past,

Why Future?

Why not present?
As these never ending thoughts eat up my head, 

I head towards a day, A normal day struggling with the confusion of writing 2016 or 2017.

Why wait for 01.01.20xx for a fresh start?

Doesn’t sound simple,

But pop a rocher and the very next minute can be your fresh start. 

Stop sulking. 


The dirt between your teeth looks as nice as the scar on the moon, I swear.

Happiness? Illusion.

It was perfect. What they had, didn’t have a name but it was perfect. 

They had been best friends for a really long time, longer than their romance. He knew everything about her life and she knew him in and out. They argued and fought but in the end he would pull her close and a kiss would make it all okay. 
They were happy. Happiness came within themselves. Both of them liked each other the way they were. Never wished to change anything except for some habits. 

Her habit of overthinking and his habit of not caring enough. Her habit of giving a 101% and his habit of staying busy all the time. Her habit of waiting and his habit of forgetting. Her habit of constantly complaining about something which was too dangerous for him and his habit of… smoking. 
It was something she loathed. He promised that he would quit smoking just to see her smile. It was hard for him to quit and hard for her to see him hurting himself internally with the side effects. There were days when she would ask him to choose between her and the cancer sticks. He would just distract her with his sweet words as he knew what affect he had on her. 

She was tired of all this. She finally understood that half of his promises were false and many of her talks didnt matter enough. Yet, she was there because “why not?”

Days passed on and nothing changed. She blabbered and he slept on it. Totally ignoring her, at times. 
Today was her birthday. She never really awaits for it but it’s he who does. To give her gifts, surprises, to tell her that he had stopped smoking.. A day with tons of colours of joy. She was never this happy. After spending a whole day with him and his surprises, which she adored, she planned to go for dinner with her girlfriends and because the girls insisted, they hit the club.
Dancing, mocktails, friends, it was totally packed. She almost felt like she didn’t belong there, and started wandering around. Thoughts about him crossed her mind but she chose to ignore them for a while. C’mon, won’t it be a little too clingy?
She was worn-out, sitting by the bar, didnt want anything but to go back home and sleep with his arms around her. Which wasn’t exactly possible but the least she could do was call him. She tried calling him many times. Not long until she noticed. The number of times she had been calling a ring could be heard from somewhere around her. She turned around. But then, so did her life. 
A cigarette pressed on his lips and a girl sitting on his lap. The fact that broke her was looking at that girl the same way he looked at her. He caught her staring. Shocked that she was there. Afraid about her reaction. 
“She’s just a friend, babe.” He said while chasing her. 
“I’m just a friend too. Aren’t I? I thought I was the only one but I was wrong. Take care.” 

What hurt her the most was his disloyalty. Leaving him there, stunned and running far away from all of it. Pressing her lips over her first cigarette and starting a new habit. Laughing at herself, ‘Happiness is nothing. But just an illusion like smoke which fades away in no time.’


    Hello guys! This is collaboration with @tubafatima , this post is close to our hearts because we’ve written it out of experience. Sharing this post with you guys, so you know you’re not alone, so you know it gets better and it will.

    @tubafatima: Artist, craving for knowledge, trying to find her different place in this world.

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    Popular girl,

    Nah not what you think about, not a cheerleader, neither the bitches in mean girl, but she does get talked about a lot, people stare when she walks past them, she can hear them whispering about her,

    Why? Let me tell you why,

    Society taunts her because she was happy, she did what made her happy, She was cute, but the weighting scale had big number. She stands up for herself because she cant handle the bullshit, the close mindedness. What was her fault? She was beautiful, inside and out. Her eyes, her face, her language, her laugh. Shes strong, took up martial arts because she was different, beats up guys harder than they do themselves.

    She got tired, annoyed, frustrated with the comments. Finally decided to change herself, she got quieter by time, started eating less, skipping meals, Stayed home, cut off all her connections. “Why am I doing this to myself?” She always thought. She had no one, except her diary, she wrote every night. One night talking to her diary, she realized how unreasonable the society can be, she woke up the next morning, with trembling hope but with a smile and big dreams. She joined a gym, but never stopped her teethy laugh and the snarky comebacks. She started being herself, with the burgers but also the treadmill, learning to love herself.

    With time her trembling hope turned into power. Today, she stands stronger than ever, completely accepting herself. Turning her painful past into a lesson, being a role model.

    Why does it matter if a girl is quiet, or loud or wild? Fat, or thin? Bold or shy? Arent their hearts all the same? Arent all beautiful with just a small smile? Grow up society, stop taunting people because of what they look like, or their wishes and dreams. Let them be, let them stay happy, you mind your own business, how a person is supposed to look, dress, feel, weight, talk, nothing is your business, thank you.

    • If anyone ever tells you that your dreams are not worth it, they don’t have dreams of their own, you do, you’re already way ahead.
    • Handle situations with you mind, not your anger. Take a deep breath, think it through, then make decisions.
    • Tell your self those tiny things you love about yourself, things that are different about you. Tell yourself you’re beautiful because you are.
    • Distance yourself from people who don’t realize your worth or keep passing comments, that’s all they can do.
    • Take pictures, selfies everyday, admire how beautiful you are.
    • Compliment random strangers, they’ll appreciate it, you’ll love yourself for that.
    • If anyone ever tells you that you don’t look good, tell them they’re beautiful, because the reason they say that is because someone made them feel bad about themselves, you could be reversing everything. Imagine some one doing that for you.
    • The energy you use in hating yourself? Use that to change yourself, go to the gym, take a walk, it’s gonna be worth it.
    • Motivate yourself, no one does it better.
    • Last but not the least, Love yourself no matter what others say. ❤



    It’s true, You don’t always get what you want.

    A student won’t always reach his/her aim of marks.

    A business man won’t always reach his target.

    A talented person won’t always be known to the world.

    Two lovers won’t always end up together.

    Two people missing each other silently, wishing if they knew.

    You can’t ask for a perfect life, perfect days and get it the next day.

    If you really want or need that thing, work your lil ass for it or accept the fact that you aint getting it easily and move on.

    Fly higher , disregarding the number of times you have to mend your wings. (Skits)

    Want to show off your talent? Go post videos, pictures, tell people about it and go where there is a scope for it.

    If you love someone, get up, go to them, propose and do all the shit that’s gonna cost to just be with them. Go accept the fact that you miss your ex and tell them how much do you miss all the things and them.

    You have one life to live, learn to take a risk which is on your way of your wish. What’s the worst that could happen? You’ll fail? People will criticize you? Your lover won’t accept you?


    World is anyway not a wish granting factory. (John Green)

    At least try once, if still nothing is working , accept the fact that it’s not meant for you. Stop moping around cause it’s of no use. What’s better? To get up, find a way to move on from that fall, and start pursuing a new dream. That’s how my friend, you become something.

    Doesn’t matter how far you flew, what matters is how many times you broke your wings and still got up trying to fly again.

    This is for you Mom <3

    It’s Mothers Day today, and I tell you this every year and I am telling you this today too, You deserve everyday to be specially dedicated to you ma.

    This small thing is for you but one day I will do a much bigger thing for you. Not just one day, but EVERYDAY!

    – Sorry mom. For everything!

    I am stubborn, arrogant, rude, some days I don’t listen to you, I even say bad things. Sorry for hurting you mom with whatever wrong I do and will do unknowingly. But I promise, one day I’ll start using my brain and be good.

    – Thank You. For everything!
    I don’t know where to start this from. I don’t know how do I thank you and how much .

    Thank you for ALWAYS being there for me. Thank you for always guiding me, Thank you for tolerating my jokes and craziness. Thank you.

    Also, thank you for lending me your things. Your choice ❤  😛

    I swear, I can’t live without you. You always tell me one day I am going to go away from you. But the truth is, I can’t even imagine starting my day without seeing your face or hearing your voice or you carrying me from my sleep and throwing in the bathroom. Who will do that? I will kill the person who does that to me except you 😐

    If you wouldn’t have been there with me all my days, I would have been dead without you, Because no one understands me better than you or no one knows what I feel. Only you mom only you. ❤

    You guided me when I was lost, You pick me up everytime I fall, You always know my anger and stop me from doing things. You are my guardian angel. You bring rainbow when I am facing storms mom. ❤

    Despite all this, I am still not your perfect daughter. I am not the girl you always wish me to be, our choices are different.

    But I Promise ma, one day I’ll give you all the happiness you deserve, No matter what, I will always be there for you to wipe your tears and tell you jokes for that perfect smile you have.

    You are perfect mom. You never accept it, BUT YES YOU ARE!

    I am so lucky to have such a beautiful mom, Nah not just looks, but also her soul and her heart.

    I am so glad you gave me my first couple dance, my girlfriend, my first love, my boyfriend, my best friend, my first date, and last but not the least, so lucky to have the best woman in the world as MY MOM ❤

    I LOVE YOU MUMMA. One day I will make you proud, I promise.

    I know you love me more than my brothers. 😉